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Jerrod Bacon

Founder, Game Designer, World Builder, Writer.

Jerrod has over 5 years of TTRPG experience as a professional in the industry, with a focus on fifth edition Narrative Design. More recently, he's started designing his own system set in the thrilling genre of Cyber-Noir.

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Prospects of the Forgotten One

Prospects of the Forgotten One

In the dry waste of Aroha near the city of Almas is a forgotten temple of a long-lost deity. Today’s scholars rediscovered it and are eager to learn its secrets, but over the years a horde of creatures have infested the land and the temple. With little to nothing to do in the middle of a dessert, mercenaries are jumping at the chance of helping these scholars and seeing firsthand what they’ve discovered. The only question that seems to be circulating around town recently is if this discovery will come with a curse or not.

The Minstrel of Misery

Life hasn't been fair to Ailís, but she hasn't been working any favours either. Cursed from birth and riding the line of life and death, she has learned of a special ability to control the dead as well as the insidious truth of her parents murder. With her new abilities, she set herself on a trajectory for revenge and death.

The caravan is on its way to Ironcrest but needs to stop for the night in Veilbrook, leaving our adventurers to their own devices for the night. Everyone's about to settle in for the night when the night decides to bump.

The Minstrel of Misery
The Visions of Vanity Cover

Visions of Vanity

This adventure is thematically run around greed, power and the need to acquire both. It was designed in mind for a party of three or four first level characters to kickstart any campaign based on either a Hunter's type guild or anything to do with the setting's past coming back to the present.

The party has been hired to prove themselves (and as a last resort) to retrieve a gemstone rumoured to be within the temple of an Empress from a time most don't remember. The only thing people seem to turn up is that this Empress was extremely wealthy.

For Whom the Ball Tolls

The town of Axonville has had a mysterious benefactor who lives just beyond the city's edge. Every year this benefactor invites the city to a huge lavish ball. Rumors have begun circulating about this figure in recent years, however, as they never seem to age despite their human lineage. For a while now, at odd times, families have gone missing from Axonville. The benefactor's mysteriousness has made some of the townsfolk connect them with the disappearances around town. It is up to the adventurers to discover the truth behind these disappearing families and if these rumours of the benefactor are true or not.

The Visions of Vanity Cover
The Contender v.2

The Contender Class v.2

The purpose of a Contender is to stand their ground and fight to the bitter end, no matter the cost. They push their body beyond their perceived physical limits and are left completely exhausted. The Contender is heavily inspired by Hajime No Ippo, Dragon Ball Z, Final Fantasy VII, and other shonen anime tropes.

The Broken Basilica

This one page dungeon is designed for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons and created for the #PamphletDungeonJam.

The Storm Lances were an ancient guild of warriors devout to ‘The Warhawk’, When a person devotes themselves to ‘The Warhawk’ they gain magic and become a ‘Spark-soul’ and continuing studies empowers them into a ‘Spark-soul Zealot’.

Nobody knows where the Storm Lances went, and their history has been forgotten to time. That was until a week ago.

Scholars have poured over research notes and historical recollections in order to discover where this guild went. A small group of these scholars left on a lead and haven’t returned.

The Broken Basilica
Deepgorge Rampart - The Price of Silver

Deepgorge Rampart:
The price of Silver

Recently, Deepgorge Rampart has had most of their able-bodied people taken during raids. These green-skinned aliens on gravity-defying skiffs and larger ships have been raiding for almost two months. Word has been sent to the neighbouring cities asking for help.

The Chalky Highlands are a dangerous region by themselves, especially when traversing the Whispering Reach. Recently, however, the threats have become more frequent. On top of this, a new threat of alien-like invaders is rising.

Night of the Deadsurge!

Not much information is known about who these people were or how they lived. The initial reports that came back mention a strange, glittery rock that speckles the dig site. Whoever lived here wasn’t finished mining the land’s resources when tragedy struck.

The party has been hired to investigate the Magnatrench Mines, a recently rediscovered location that isn’t on any records. Get in, get out: it’s as simple as surviving.

Magnatrench: Night of the Deadsurge!
Treykle: The Festival Fit for a King

The Festival Fit for a King!

The castle is running about getting ready for the King’s birthday tomorrow. Several people could gain from the party’s help, but the party only has one day to help. This oneshot is intended for a party of four level 3 players and spans the length of 2 or 3 in-game days.

This adventure is an extension of the singular encounter "All the King's Honey". Taking this one concept from encounter to adventure! It is a laid back adventure with a small timer. It is intended to be placed between the major plot points for the players to blow off some steam!

Pyronide Press

You will also find my work in these pieces.

Through the Veil: Treasures of the Feywild

Through The Veil

Journey through the veil and discover the treasure that awaits you in the Feywild. Do you dare wield such wild magic?

Treasures of the Feywild is the second volume in the Through the Veil series designed for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (D&D5e). These pages hold a treasure trove of wildly original fey-themed items, artifacts, weapons, armor, potions, instruments, whimsical trinkets, and adventuring gear to delight, bewitch, and terrify your players!

Monster Hunt Weekly - Vall Does D&D

Monster Hunt Weekly #5

Monster Hunt Weekly Issue #5

Goblin Aerialist - People are reporting attacks from flying goblins who are sweeping up livestock and flying away.

Monster Hunt Weekly #16

Monster Hunt Weekly Issue #16

Ankylodon - A farmer's beast of burden has gone missing! There is more to this adventure than a simple find and retrieve setup.

Monster Hunt Weekly #20

Monster Hunt Weekly Issue #20

Fearg - A father can't find their son and there are rumours of evil mages converting live people into creatures fueled by rage.

Monster Hunt Weekly #29

Monster Hunt Weekly Issue #29

Crowned Harlequin - A CR 11 undead skull with magical resistances and a laugh capable of KO'ing even the toughest of characters